Business Administration

Business Administration

Business Administration major

The Business Administration major builds on introductory courses to teach students how to apply critical concepts in accounting, finance, management, and marketing to solve business problems. Students earning the BA major are also encouraged to use their electives to acquire a technical skill area or certificate.

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Course requirements

For the major

Upon completion of the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, students will have the knowledge to be able to:

Core Business Knowledge and Skills: Apply qualitative and quantitative business skills to solve business problems.

Global Perspective: Compare and contrast different economic systems and appreciate cultural differences and their impact on business practices.

Social/Environmental/Ethical Awareness: Evaluate a business ethical dilemma and propose a socially/environmentally acceptable solution considering the implications of multiple stakeholders.

Effective Communication: Organize and express themselves coherently, ably, and professionally.


Business Administration minor

Students are eligible for the Business Administration minor if they are certified in a non-business major, have completed 60 semester credits, and have a cumulative university GPA of 2.50 or better. Students may complete the Minor in Business Administration by certifying in the minor and completing 18 hours in the course work listed below with a cumulative GPA of at least a 2.50.*

Course Requirements

For the minor

*Admissible 400-level courses may not include any 498 or 499 courses.  Students must ensure that they meet all course prerequisites.  Student must take at least 9 of the required credits at the 300-400 level as WSU credits.  Students may transfer in up to 6 credit hours towards the minor. No minor courses may be taken on a pass/fail basis.

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Business Administration Minor Brochure (PDF)