Core Requirements

To certify a Business major, students must have a cumulative WSU or transfer GPA of 2.5 or better, 60 semester (or 90 quarter) credit hours, and have completed all lower-division core courses including: Engl 101, finite math, calculus, statistics, macro- and micro-economics, business law, management information systems, financial and managerial accounting with at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA in these courses.

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Do you have a 2.5 business GPA?

To assure that all certified majors in Business meet the required 2.5 Business GPA to graduate, all currently certified Business Majors* must maintain a 2.5 Business GPA or better each semester until they graduate. Any certified Business Major who falls below a Business GPA of 2.5 for one semester will be on Academic Probation with the College of Business. If the student falls below the required 2.5 Business GPA for a second semester, the College of Business will be forced to Decertify the student as stated in the WSU Catalog under the University Decertification Academic Policy.** Please see your advisor if you have questions about this policy.

 **According to WSU policy, "A certified major who falls below the minimum departmental requirements may be decertified by the department after two semesters of falling below that minimum. See Appendix, Rules 56, 37-43, WSU Catalog, page 42."

Eligibility for enrolling in 300-400 level business courses

To be eligible to enroll in upper-division (300/400) Business courses, you must be a Certified BA major or minor. If you are currently enrolled in your last course(s) required for certification, you cannot register for upper-division Business courses until you have been accepted into the College of Business. Even if you need only one class to certify, you will not be allowed to co-enroll in upper-division Business courses.

Courses that you can take include GER requirements, the Tier III [T] course, upper-division Economics courses and Engl 402. Also, any courses in which you earned a grade of a C- or lower may be repeated (required for any Business prerequisite), especially lower-division (100-200 level) Business core requirements.

Business certification requirements

All Business applicants must complete the following lower division courses or their equivalent to be admitted and certified in a Business major.

Acctg 230Financial Accounting3
Acctg 231Managerial Accounting3
BLaw 210Law and the Legal Environment of Business3
EconS 101Fundamentals of Microeconomics3
Econs 102Fundamentals of Macroeconomics3
Eng 101Introductory Writing3
Math 201Finite Math for Business & Economics3
Math 202Mathematical Analysis for Business & Economics3
MgtOp 215Statistics3
MIS 250Management Information Systems3

Upper division business core requirements

All students with a major in Business must complete the following (* Only one of the starred courses is required.):

Fin 325Finance3
Mgmt 301Principles of Management and Organization3
MgtOp 340Operations Management3
Entrp 492Small Business Policy*3
Mktg 360Marketing3

Additional Carson College of Business requirements

All students with a major in Business must complete the following (* Any qualifying course in this area of study):

Com St 102Communication in an Information Society3
Engl 402Technical & Professional Writing3
Global Learning [GL]Global Learning Required Courses6
Pol SPolitical Science Elective3
Soc/Psych * [SSCI]Sociology or Psychology Elective3

Carson College of Business transfer equivalencies from Washington Community Colleges

The WSU Carson College of Business transfer site includes information and links to resources which will be beneficial to you as a transfer student. Whether you are attending a community college or a four-year institution, the Carson College of Business is working to ensure you have a seamless transition to WSU Vancouver.