Application to Certify a Business Major - Vancouver Campus

The WSU Carson College of Business strives to offer the highest quality programs to its students and to ensure that students accepted into the college have access to courses in their major. These goals are aligned with those established by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) which serve to ensure quality educational standards in accredited institutions. The following application process is part of the quality strategy now being employed by the CB.


The following on-line WSU VancouverĀ application will help identify those current students who will be eligible to apply for certification of a business major at the end of the current semester.

So that your application will be considered, complete every entry on this form and make sure that the information you enter is accurate.

This application is required for the Vancouver Campus Only.

If you are currently completing a course at another institution you must have an official transcript sent to the WSU Admissions Office as soon as grades are posted.


The online application requires students to submit information that is current as of that date; acceptance to certify will be based on the end-of-semester information. All students will be notified of their status via their e-mail address within two weeks of our receipt of their application.

Basic information
Application prerequisites
Major information

If you already have a business major and wish to change it to a different business major, do not fill out this form. Please go to the advising office, Classroom Building, Room 308C to apply to change your major.

If you are a major in another college [Gen St, DTC, Engl, etc.] will business be your second degree?
If you are a new applicant to WSU, have you filled out an admission application?
If you are a current WSU student on the Pullman, Tri-Cities, or Spokane campus have you filled out a Change of Campus form?
Transfer information
Are you currently enrolled at another institution in course(s) that you will need to certify?
You are responsible for submitting your grades as soon as you receive them to the WSU Admissions Office to ensure your consideration for this application pool. If you are currently completing a course at another institution you must have an official transcript sent to WSU Admissions Office as soon as grades are posted.
College of Business Policy on Business GPA and Decertification

To assure that all certified majors in business meet the required 2.5 business GPA to graduate, all currently certified business majors must maintain a 2.5 business GPA or better each semester until they graduate. Any certified business major who falls below a business GPA of 2.5 for one semester will be on academic probation with the College of Business. If the student falls below the required 2.5 business GPA for a second semester, the CB will be forced to decertify the student as stated in the WSU Catalog under the University Decertification Academic Policy.