Building and Optimizing Online Marketing Campaigns

Robert Leary, digital marketing consultant, Vancouver, Washington
Michael Curry, assistant clinical professor at WSU Vancouver
Business Growth MAP Alliance, Oct. 22, 2014

Online marketing isn’t an option any more. It’s a business necessity. As more and more customers check their smartphones before making a purchasing decision, you can’t afford to be off the radar.

“Think like two thumbs would,” said digital marketing consultant Robert Leary, speaking to the first Business Growth MAP Alliance forum, held in downtown Vancouver on Oct. 22. You have 42 pixels—the size of a touch screen—to capture your audience’s attention. “That’s where your money will be made,” he said.

“Customers engage with you digitally at many points in the sales and support cycle,” said Michael Curry, assistant clinical professor at WSU Vancouver. The bad news—you have more channels to manage. The good news—digital marketing provides great data to know whether your marketing is effective and correct problems early.

Curry recommended three digital marketing strategies:

  • Digital branding: Be seen on an up-to-date website and social media.
  • Demand generation—Get sales by driving traffic to your different channels. Learn about keyword advertising, for example.
  • Customer service—Get more sales through positive customer experiences and referrals.

Once you have a strategy, Leary said, “someone has to do something.” Don’t let it slide. Set aside a few hours a week (yourself, an employee, an intern) to dedicate to digital marketing. Also, check out online reviews and use tools like Google Analytics to measure how things are going.

Finally, remember: If you don’t control your message, someone else will—and usually not in the way you want.

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