Annual report


WSU Vancouver’s Business Growth Mentor & Analysis Program (MAP) contributes to regional economic development by helping small businesses and nonprofits grow and succeed while providing educational opportunities for Carson College of Business students. 

Program impact

  • Since the program began in 2011, approximately 152,000 hours of pro bono consulting have been provided to more than 345 small businesses and nonprofit organizations
  • 94% of clients recommend Business Growth MAP to their colleagues
  • More than $16.5 million generated in new revenues fueled the local economy
  • 95% of clients were satisfied with the product
  • 31 businesses participated in 2021/22

Client and student testimonials

“The enthusiasm and thoroughness of the students was highly gratifying. We felt they did their best in taking our somewhat amorphous business model and finding practical and specific ways to give it structure. Communication was also frequent and immediate, which made us feel taken seriously.” –Growth Client, spring 2022

“The best thing about the program was the ability to leverage the students’ minds and three months of their research to provide solutions that I did not have the time and capacity to find.” - Growth Client, spring 2022

“This course was incredible. I was able to work with a wonderful team, receive crucial support from my instructors and mentor. At the beginning, the project seemed daunting but with clear instructions and deliverables, we were able to take on the work one step at a time. I am proud of the work we accomplished.” – Student, spring 2022

“This course was an extremely valuable hands-on experience. For students who learn better through doing rather than a classroom setting, this class was great.” – Student, spring 2022

Local reach

  • Battle Ground: 2
  • Longview: 1
  • Milwaukie: 1
  • Portland: 9
  • Ridgefield: 1
  • Salem: 1
  • Vancouver: 15
  • Washougal: 1

Kudos best project team winners

Outstanding Team Project Award Recipients:  

  • A.C.T. Builders, LLC. – Marketing, fall 2021  
  • Pacific Perks Coffee – Growth, spring 2022
  • Techna Digital Marketing – Growth, spring 2022

Thank you

Business Growth MAP is deeply grateful to businesses and volunteers throughout the community for their help strengthening the program.

Community volunteers

  • During the 2021/22 academic year, we welcomed 10 new volunteer mentors to the program.  
  • In total, 39 volunteer mentors shared time and expertise with student teams, committing 30+ hours to projects each semester. 


Without the generous support of sponsors, Business Growth MAP could not exist. Thank you!

  • Banner Bank
  • Columbia River Economic Development Council  
  • TwinStar Credit Union  
  • Umpqua Bank
  • U.S. Bank 

Advisory board

  • Lisa Bender, KeyBank
  • Robert Benke, Riverview Bank
  • Marnie Farness, CREDC
  • P.J. Fisher, NW Loans at CMG Financial  
  • Ryan Hart, Port of Vancouver USA
  • Bruce Jooste, Tax Law Associates
  • Andy LaFrazia, ControlTek
  • Amanda Martinez, U.S. Bank
  • Linda Reid, Columbia Bank
  • Lynn Sheehan, Evolve Strategic Ventures
  • Evan Strandberg, iQ Credit Union
  • Mark Wilson, Port of Kalama 


Thanks to generous donors, Business Growth MAP has established a MAP endowment. This endowment ensures the future of the award-winning program by delivering a dependable source of funding, insuring the ability to prepare future leaders, help small businesses and advance the local economy now and in the future.