Student consultancy

Business Growth MAP’s award-winning student consultancy helps small businesses and nonprofits while preparing the next generation of business leaders. Under faculty and mentor guidance, student teams conduct in-depth analysis and detailed recommendations and an action plan for growth. Clients receive customized analysis and about 500 hours of no cost consulting services. The experience is cultivating critical abilities for students while helping the local economy grow.

There are three ways to participate in student consultancy:


Open to small businesses and nonprofits in the area. Whether your business is just starting out or ready for the next level of growth, our student-consultancy can help. The program is free, confidential and requires a minimal time investment.

Become a client


In this pivotal role, seasoned business professional volunteer as mentors to guide and support students as they learn to consult with businesses. Mentors have the opportunity to positively impact students, small businesses, nonprofits and our regional economy.

Become a mentor


A required capstone course for senior-level undergraduates, our student consultancy projects are designed to prepare business students for the real world. Alumni highlight their MAP experience on their resumes and have received client and mentor references as a result of their work. The project also helps build relationships between students and community leaders, often leading to post-graduation job opportunities.