Admission requirements and curriculum

Admission requirements

To be eligible for the Professional Sales Certificate, students must be certified in a WSU major or be a non-degree seeking student with a minimum cumulative WSU GPA of 2.00 and a minimum of 60 semester credits.


To earn a certificate in Professional Sales, students must complete 15 credits consisting of three required courses and two additional electives with a 2.50 GPA or better.

Required core courses include MKTG 360, 379, and 478. Two additional electives should be drawn from MKTG 450, 479, 480, ENTRP 490, HBM 480, and MGMT 485.

Course Description Credits
Three required courses
MKTG 360 Marketing 3
MKTG 379 Professional Sales 3
MKTG 478 Sales Management 3
Choose two electives
ENTRP 490 Entrepreneurial Marketing 3
HBM 480 Marketing Strategy & Development 3
MGMT 485 Negotiations 3
MKTG 450 Digital Marketing 3
MKTG 479 Advanced Professional Sales 3

Course offerings

The table below lists semesters when courses in the professional sales certificate program will be offered. Note that courses offered may change due to unforeseen circumstances, and that additional courses may also be offered at additional times not currently planned or listed below.

Course Description Fall Spring Summer
ENTRP 490 Entrepreneurial Marketing Yes No No
HBM 480 Marketing Strategy & Development No Yes No
MKTG 360 Marketing Yes Yes Yes
MKTG 379 Professional Sales Yes Yes No
MKTG 450 Digital Marketing No Yes No
MKTG 478 Sales Management No Yes No
MGMT 485 Negotiations Yes Yes Yes
MKTG 479 Advanced Professional Sales No Yes No

We encourage students to take Professional Sales (MKTG 379) early in their junior year.  This will allow students to get early exposure to the realities of a sales career, and give them more opportunities to participate in different sales competitions.


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