Tentative Long-term Undergraduate Schedule

Courses are taught in an interactive and engaging in-person environment.

Course Offerings Per Semester

Course Prefix Course Number Course Name Fall Spring Summer
ACCTG 230 Introduction to Financial Accounting Y Y  
ACCTG 231 Introduction to Managerial Accounting Y Y  
ACCTG 330 Intermediate Accounting I Y Y  
ACCTG 331 Intermediate Accounting II Y Y  
ACCTG 335 Taxation of Business Entities and Individuals Y    
ACCTG 338 Cost Accounting   Y  
ACCTG 420 Accounting and Culture     Y
ACCTG 433 Accounting Systems and Auditing Y    
ACCTG 435 Individual Income Taxes   Y  
ACCTG 438 Advanced Cost Accounting and Management Y    
ACCTG 439 Auditing   Y  
B A 100 Introduction to Business Y Y  
B A 102 Exploring Careers in Business Y Y  
BA 211 Ethics, Teams, and Innovation Y Y  
B A 212 Spreadsheets, Data Visualization, and Decision Analysis Y Y Y
B_LAW 210 Business Law and the Legal Environment of Bus Y Y  
ENTRP 426 Entrepreneurial Finance   Y  
ENTRP 485 New Venture Planning Y    
ENTRP 486 Launching New Ventures   Y  
ENTRP 489 Entrepreneurial Management   Y  
ENTRP 490 Entrepreneurial Marketing Y    
ENTRP 492 Small Business Strategy and Planning (CAPS) Y Y  
FIN 223 Personal Finance Y Y  
FIN 325 Introduction to Financial Management Y Y  
FIN 330 Introduction to Financial Wellbeing Y    
FIN 350 Risk and Insurance   Y  
FIN 421 Financial Institutions and Intermediation Y    
FIN 425 Intermediate Financial Management   Y  
FIN 427 Investment Analysis Y    
FIN 430 Financial Plan Development   Y  
FIN 481 International Finance Y Y  
HBM 101 Professional and Career Development for the Business World Y Y  
HBM 280 Hospitality Systems   Y  
HBM 350 Beverage Management   Y  
HBM 358 Foodservice Systems and Control   Y  
HBM 381 Hospitality Leadership and Organizational Behavior Y    
HBM 401 Career Management   Y  
HBM 480 Marketing Strategy and Development   Y  
HBM 491 Operational Analysis Y    
HBM 494 Service Operations Management   Y  
HBM 495 Case Studies and Research (CAPS)   Y  
I_BUS 380 International Business Y Y Y
I_BUS 435 International Tourism Y    
I_BUS 482 International Marketing   Y  
MGMT 301 Principles of Management and Organization   Y Y
MGMT 401 Leading People and Organizations Y Y Y
MGMT 450 Personnel and Human Resources Management Y    
MGMT 455 Recruiting and Hiring Human Capital   Y  
MGMT 456 Evaluating and Rewarding Employees   Y  
MGMT 483 Management of Innovation and Change Y    
MGMT 485 Negotiation Skills Y Y Y
MGMT 491 Strategic Management (CAPS)     Y
MGTOP 215 Business Statistics Y Y  
MGTOP 340 Operations Management Y Y Y
MIS 250 Managing Information Technology Y Y  
MIS 322 Enterprise Business Process Analysis   Y  
MIS 325 Enterprise Business Development Y    
MIS 372 Data Management   Y  
MIS 420 Business Intelligence Y    
MIS 441 Global E-Commerce   Y  
MIS 448 Global IS Project Management   Y  
MKTG 360 Marketing Y Y Y
MKTG 368 Marketing Research   Y  
MKTG 379 Professional Sales Y Y  
MKTG 407 Consumer Behavior Y    
MKTG 450 Digital Marketing   Y  
MKTG 478 Sales Management   Y  
MKTG 479 Advanced Professional Sales   Y  
MKTG 495 Marketing Management Y